In Search of Adventure

“I’m sorry your plans to Sweden failed,” my host dad, Søren, texted.

My roommates and I laughed out loud. Classic Dane. His short and frank text contrasted my roommate Anne’s long-winded paragraph explaining our situation. He honestly couldn’t have summed it up any better.

After waking up late Saturday morning, Friday was Anne’s 21st birthday, my roommates and I grabbed our passports and headed out the door, dead set on making it to Sweden. Altogether, the trip from Hillerød to Helsingborg, including transportation by train and ferry, is an hour-long commute. Not too bad for hopping to another country!

Much to our surprise, red tape greeted us at the train platform. The trains at our station were down for testing, an unusual event that put a rather abrupt end to our plans.

“My hopes and dreams are crushed,” Heidi, my other roommate, said.

I reminded her that Sweden would still be there next weekend.

Another girl in our homestay network, Mickayla, joined the three of us at the station and expressed an interest in the Carlsberg Brewery, a museum and according to its website “an authentic brewery experience.” Because we were disappointed, cold, and growing hungrier by the second, the brewery sounded like the perfect remedy. We hopped on a bus and headed to Carlsberg.

Moral of the story – when you can’t make it to Sweden, a “brewery experience” isn’t a bad alternative.

Along the way, the now four of us stopped at a café for lunch. While the food was delicious, the bill was high. Water alone cost 12 kroner, the U.S. equivalent of $1.93. I considered filling my glass with tap water from the bathroom. My roommates reminded me that would most likely be frowned upon by everyone in the restaurant. I’m dreading adding the bill to my budgeting app.

The Carlsberg Brewery, on the other hand, was definitely a worthwhile investment. The ticket price included the exhibition of beer history and making, the horse stables, and the tasting of two free beers. While I can’t say I remember all the specifics of beer production, I do remember enjoying the free samples afterwards. Well, for the most part anyway. Steer clear of the wheat beer.

Even though my roommates and I never made it to Sweden this weekend, we did get to do a lot close to home. It’s true, “Adventure is out there!” Just remember, you don’t always have to travel far to find it.


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