Hej! My name is Leah. I’m a junior studying brain & cognitive sciences and public health at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. I’m spending the spring of 2017 studying Health Delivery and Prioritization in Copenhagen through DIS. In addition to my core class, I’m also studying the Danish language, vikings, adolescents in Scandinavia, and the connection between brain and behavior.

If you can’t tell from my photo, I’m a fan of cold weather. I love long walks in the snow, cozy blankets by the fireplace, and sunshine on a chilly day. In my free time, I run (on a semi-regular basis), Netflix (is Netflix a verb yet?), read, create new Spotify playlists, and cook potatoes. I also enjoy exploring new places and taking photographs. I’m often spotted with my trusty Nikon dangling from my neck.

This blog is a space to share updates, discoveries, mishaps, and adventures. Stick around to hear about my experiences abroad!